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Ursula Taherian


The OhG. Original Halfghan. (Gangster also works.)

Her Mom’s a Christian-practicing white girl, her Dad's a Muslim-practicing Afghan, she’s a yoga-practicing Halfghan. Ursula graduated summa cum laude from Loyola College with a major in Finance and a minor in Spanish. She went on to do the Corporate America thing—some banking, some consulting, the ushe—until finally hanging up her pantsuit and moving to sunny southern California. To put her finance degree to use. As an actor.

Ursula has found a balance between pursuing comedic and dramatic opportunities that include a recent recurring role on the CBS drama, Madam Secretary, and a guest spot on the ABC comedy, Speechless. Other credits include NCIS: Los Angeles, Chasing Life and Pretty Little Liars. Ursula has made a name for herself in the voice over community as well, voicing television and radio campaigns for Honda, Chevron, Glade, and McDonalds to name a few, as well as video games including Minecraft, Saints Row, and Diablo III. She is a series regular on the popular animated Disney show, Disney Descendants: Wicked World, as well as a recurring voice on Family Guy.

When you can’t find her, you can usually find her dangling from the silks at various circus studios around LA.


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Kelly Walker


KELLY WALKER is an Australian multi-hyphenate female filmmaker. In recent years Walker has focussed on creating content, specifically stories that express honest messages through a comedic lens. Her production company, Galker Productions has had multiple short films in the festival circuit, most currently The Brownlist, co-directed and edited by Walker, which played at most of the festivals on her wish list and she’s fist bumping the air with joy. In the last year she's directed four shorts and guest directed a couple episodes of the series, Grow The F*ck Up. Her feature film she’s written and directing will go into production in 2019.


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Ryan Garcia


Ryan has been acting professionally since he was a child in Miami, FL doing commercials, TV, movies, and tap dancing. He's been on stage at the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre, the Hangar Theatre in New York, and multiple 30 Minute Musicals around LA. He was featured as Domingo on Community, and most recently starred as the lead in Adaptive Studios new sci-fi comedy, Stellar People. Currently, Ryan co-wrote, starred in and directed the pilot for Operation Stakeout, and is in the works with an upcoming feature.



Tom Dowler


My mother tells the story that after seeing Return Of The Jedi for the first time, at the tender age of 4, I started pointing out details of how they had shot certain sequences, or how particular effects were achieved.

Personally I think it’s complete bullshit, but it makes for a good story.

What is undeniably true is that story is at heart of everything I do as a DP. When I was a teenager I had delusions of auteurship, but these days I have pretty commercial sensibilities and pride in making my work invisible.

From my first (terrible) student films I made back home in England, to the work I currently do with Long Haul Films, the production company I started with my wife, Director Melissa Dowler, I’ve always wanted to make films that speak to people in a way that only moving images can.

These days you’ll find me in downtown Los Angeles, although I’m available – and eager – to travel anywhere your projects might take me.